The Altar Server Ministry is an ancient tradition in the Catholic Church that continues today. Altar Servers support and assist the priest and deacon during the various liturgies, worship services and ceremonies. The server role, when conducted with grace and reverence, adds significantly to the sacredness of the services and helps the assembly participate more fully and prayerfully.


What a wonderful way to experience Mass! Altar servers, both boys and girls, can be as young as 4th grade, middle or high school students. Even adults are occasionally asked to serve. Training does not take a great deal of time and is conducted here at St. Joseph. Assignments are posted a few months at a time so scheduling is easy to fit into your or your family’s schedule.


Please consider joining this wonderful Ministry within our parish. For information on training, or if you have already been trained, to be added to our schedule, please call Marie.

Contact: Marie Peltier   609-425-3308

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