Dear Fellow Parishioners of Saint Joseph Catholic Church,

Please take a moment to click the link below and enjoy the photos of our parish's wonderful Feast of Saint Joseph celebration on March 19. After a special 5:00pm mass in our new church, approximately 250 people gathered in the parish auditorium to watch an entertaining play about the life of our patron saint, which was performed by a group of students from religious-ed and Bishop McHugh. The play was a delightful combination of history, pop-culture and humor, and the students clearly put their hearts into each roll. Afterwards, a pot-luck dinner with a staggering variety of homemade casseroles, hams, pasta dishes, salads, deserts and more was enjoyed by all. The parish auditorium was a-buzz with fellowship, and the obvious presence of the Holy Spirit could not be denied.

Congratulations and thanks go to the students in the play, the leaders of our parish's religious-education ministry, our Catholic Daughters and the other volunteers who organized and served the dinner, all those who contributed food, Father Perreault, and to everyone else who had a hand in making our Feast of Saint Joseph so memorable!

To enjoy the photos, click here
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