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Blessing of Easter Food Baskets
Come to the church with your basket 
Holy Saturday
at Noon


Did you know? 
This tradition goes back to Europe in the Middle Ages and has its roots even earlier, when Christians began to fast leading up to Christ’s Passion. As the Church evolved, the people began to celebrate the end of the rigors of fasting by eating a special meal on Easter Sunday that included many of the foods avoided during Lent.
Beginning around the 15th century, parishioners began asking their pastor to bless this Easter food, often brought to the church in a basket. 
Fast forward. For most, a special basket has been chosen, often lined with fine linen, then filled with certain foods. They may include the following: eggs: symbols of eternal life, of new life, of Christ’s Resurrection. butter: God’s goodness, often molded into the form of a paschal lamb; the Lamb of God. bread: the bread of life, often a round loaf symbolizing eternal life. horseradish & pepper: like the bitter herbs offered to Christ on Calvary. links of sausage or kielbasa: indicating that Christ broke the chains of death. ham or bacon: representing God’s abundance. lamb: the meat eaten as Passover. salt: hospitality and prosperity. A candle may be added, indicating Christ as the light of the world, and two nails tied in the shape of a Cross. 
The food is covered with linen reminiscent of that which was placed over Christ’s body (the linen cloth that covered His head). The food is brought to the church on Holy Saturday, and placed before the priest for his blessing, he being the conduit of the Source of all blessing. The blessing reminds the faithful that the sadness of Holy Saturday (before the Vigil) will soon give way to the joy of Easter Sunday, the joy that Jesus Christ is alive and has broken the chains of death forever! 






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