Photos - Panoramic Window, January 13

Photo shows "trace" lines on the figure of Christ for the panoramic Baptism window being painted.
New Photos - Panoramic Window, December 13

Full size drawings have been made and the patterning for the glass has begun. Cut lines are being transferred onto three layers - an oak tag for the patterns, brown for building the window onto and white to store cut pieces of glass. Other photos show drawing cut lines on large lancet pieces and patterning for John the Baptist.
Photos - September 25

Work progresses on the St. Joseph and Jesus window. It will be amazing!
The artist (Kathy Jordan) is painting with a mouth sprayer. This is the designer's (Charles Lawrence) technique for applying mattes to the surface of the glass.
New Photos - August 31

All glass has been cut for the St. Joseph window. The artist, Kathy Jordan, is painting the trace lines onto each piece of glass. This is the first stage of painting.
Photos - August 30

Glass is being glazed into lead cames and soldered at the joints.
Photos - August 15

This photo shows the final stage of painting which occurs up on the glass easel. Paint is applied and then removed in order to modulate the light.
New Photos - August 11

The first photo shows the designer, Charles Lawrence. He is approaching the final stages of the design for the panoramic stained glass windows that will depict a baptismal scene.

The next three photos show a portion of the painting process. The glass was waxed onto a plate glass easel, painted with a vitreous pigment and is now being removed and prepped for kiln firing.

The Dove widow is being painted and fired while the final pieces of glass are being cut for the St. Joseph window. Painting of the St. Joseph Window will begin next week.
Photo - June 29

Work continues on the Holy Spirit window:
Photos taken on June 14

Work continues on the St. Joseph window:

Indicating Structural support placement within the design on the templates. Establishing the cut line for the glass; transferring the cut lines to oak tag for patterning and cutting the patterns.

Beginning of Production Phase

These photos, taken on June 7 and 8, show the "patterning process where the cut line for the stained glass is being established.

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