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August 25

In 2016 , Pope Francis reminded all in the Catholic Church:


“The mission of the Christian in the world is a mission for all, a mission of service, which excludes no?one; it requires great generosity and in particular the gaze and heart turned heavenward to invoke the Lord’s help. There is so much need for Christians who bear witness to the Gospel with joy in everyday life.”


Last weekend, St. Joseph’s participated in the annual Mission Co?op Program sponsored by the Diocese of Camden. Once again, your generous support of this effort was outstanding. The collection for this special opportunity was $17,700. Many thanks!


May I express my appreciation to Sr. Clare Marie for reminding us all of the real challenges being faced by God’s People around the world in the 21st Century.


Thank you, 

Father Perreault




August 18

We will soon be publishing the final draft for the Parish Budget for 2019?-2020. The promulgation of this information will be made available to all parishioners and friends of St. Joseph’s subsequent to a review by diocesan officials and our local 

Finance Council.


Last fiscal year, St. Joseph’s was able to accelerate payment on our debt service for the new church. In 2018?-2019, approximately $.23 of every $1.00 from our ordinary revenue was designated for this purpose.


As most of you know, it is in the long ?term best interest of our faith community that this process continue in earnest. The approximate savings for St. Joseph’s, in the event we clear this debt service in 20 years, is $1.65 million. Responsible planning for the future of our faith community, on many levels, is essential.


I thank all for their ongoing support and generosity.


Thank you, 

Father Perreault




August 11

Bishop McHugh Regional Catholic School has been a source of true blessing for the families of St. Joseph’s Parish and the wider faith community. This school offers a demanding elementary education, rooted within the Catholic tradition, in a safe and supportive environment.


The mission of Bishop McHugh Regional Catholic School, as a fully accredited institution, is designed to challenge our young people to become the “best they can be”, while building a foundation for their ongoing growth and development.


With the school year fast approaching, I urge parents to prayerfully consider enrolling their children in Bishop McHugh Regional Catholic School. Information is available by calling the school at 609?-624?-1900 or visiting the website at


Investing in your child’s tomorrow begins today!


God bless, 

Father Perreault


P.S. On Monday, August 5, I forwarded $5,540 to Wildwood Catholic! Many thanks for your support of Catholic Education in our region.




August 4

As we have begun a new budget year (7/1/19), may I offer a quick “thank you.”


The ordinary revenue of the parish continues to show an increase in your generous support of the pastoral efforts of our faith community.


Our House of Charity donations, as of this writing, exceeds $70,0000 (approximately 64% of our goal).


Phase II of the Catholic Strong Parish Revitalization Plan is scheduled to resume in September, 2019.


May I express my ongoing gratitude to all parishioners and friends for your kind assistance as we continue to prepare for the future of St. Joseph’s!


God Bless, 

Father Perreault


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